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Important Message from

West Virginia State


Carmen R. Romano 


I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself as the new State Chairman of the Columbia Mentally Handicapped Foundation of West Virginia, Inc., or the Mentally Handicapped Program (MHP) as most of us refer to it, and to provide you with the most current forms and information about the MHP.  To that end, attached to this e-mail you will find the updated forms and information for your use as follows:


  • 1   MHP Fund Drive Report


  • 2   MHP Disbursement Request Form


  • 3   MHP Tootsie Roll Order Form


  • 4   MHP Grant Application


  • 5   MHP Grant Application Rules

The MHP Fund Drive Report is a special form specifically designed for the MHP and is used to report MHP Fund Drive results and associated data (i.e., Tootsie Roll Drives).  The form is similar to the State's Special Fund Raising Report, but again it is specific to the MHP.  Like the Special Fund Raising Report, a copy should be sent to the State Secretary (Scott Nale) along with the check for the proceeds from the drive.  Copies should also be sent to the State Treasurer (Paul Niedbalski) and to me as Chairman of the MHP.  A photocopy of the check attached to my copy would be most helpful but not necessary.


The MHP Disbursement Request Form is used to request disbursements of the Council's share of the funds that were raised.  As you are aware, 85% of the funds raised are designated as the Council's share and can be disbursed to organizations serving the mentally handicapped as requested by the Council using this form.  This form should be sent to me and is often sent in conjunction with the MHP Fund Drive Report in the same mailing, but does not have to be.  Please note, disbursement checks will be made out to the organization or organizations designated on the MHP Disbursement Request Form and will be sent only to the Grand Knight in accordance with MHP by-laws.  I maintain a balance available, or Council account, for each Council that participates in the MHP and disbursements can be made at any time so long as funds are available in the Council Account.  If you are unaware of or unsure of your Council's balance, please do not hesitate to contact me and I will provide you with your account balance.


The MHP Tootsie Roll Order Form is obviously used to order the Tootsie Rolls but should be sent to me for processing.  I will order the tootsie rolls for all Councils.  I may want to combine orders from two or more Councils to save on shipping charges, but will coordinate this with the Councils involved.


The MHP Grant Application is use to apply for grants for the distribution of funds from the State's share of mentally handicapped funds that are raised (i.e., 15% of all funds raised by the Councils).  Rules governing the application and award of grants are also attached to this communication.


The attached forms can be downloaded and printed for your use. Once you complete the forms, you can either mail them to me via U.S. Mail or scan them and e-mail them to me, which will expedite the process. My contact information is on each form and will be also be included at the bottom of this e-mail.  I also hope to have the forms placed on the State Website, but haven't yet contacted the State Webmaster to discuss this.  I will keep you updated with regard to this effort.  If anyone would like hard copies of the forms, please let me know and I will send them to you via U.S. Mail.


I will make every effort to expedite the MHP processes (e.g., funds disbursement, tootsie roll orders, etc.) to the best of my abilities as did Brother Bernie Kelly, PSD, before me, but ask that you do your part by following the MHP procedures, using the appropriate and current forms, completing them properly, and sending copies to all appropriate personnel. I would like to close by urging all Councils that are currently active in the Mentally Handicapped Program to redouble their efforts and those Council that are not currently active in the MHP to become active in support of this vital and most worthwhile Program, support for the mentally handicapped and intellectually disabled, in accordance with the first and primary principle of our beloved Order - Charity.


If you have any questions or comments concerning these matters, or if I can be of any assistance whatsoever, please do not hesitate to contact me in any of the manners indicated below.  Thank You!


Fraternally Yours in Christ!


Carmen R. Romano, Chairman

Columbia Mentally Handicapped Foundation of West Virginia


178 Scenic Hill Drive

Bridgeport, WV  26330-7694


304-276-1940  (Business Cellular - Best Number to call first)

304-592-3891  (Home - Evenings and Weekends)

304-669-9723  (Personal Cellular)



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