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Important Message from

West Virginia State Membership Director

Michael Sarcopski

Star Council &


Membership 365


FR: Michael Sarcopski, PGK
State Membership Director



Just wanted to touch base with you all as we approach the end of the
quarter. I apologize for not doing this sooner, but I have been a little
busy in the last couple of months. How are things going in your
respective areas? Do you need anything? Our State Deputy wanted me to
remind you to be reaching out to the councils and parishes regarding
your respective responsibilities. Hope to see some, if not all, of you
this weekend at St Francis de Sales here in Morgantown for the
establishment of the new council.

Vivat Jesus!

Membership, Church Drive Report and First Degrees

FR: Michael Sarcopski, PGK
State Membership Director



My Brothers All, 


  I want to apologize for not sending this sooner, but my wife and I
moved at the beginning of the month. For those who I have not had the
opportunity to meet, my name is Mike Sarcopski and I have been asked by
our worthy State Deputy to serve as the Membership Chair.

  First, I would like to once again congratulate our Immediate Past
State Deputy Gerry Somaze and Frank Koenig, whom I am succeeding, for
making Circle of Honor for the second time. I hope we can keep this a
tradition in the State.

  To that end, Gentlemen, we will be continuing the One Degree per
District per Month program. This seems to be a winner, so I'd like to

Remember that all it takes to recruit a man into the Knights is to ask.
If we keep asking the men who are not Knights if they have considered
joining, we will be able to meet and hopefully exceed our goals for this
Fraternal Year. When talking to a potential candidate, talk not only
about what the Order does as a whole, but also about what your Council
does to help the Church at large, your local parish, and your local
community. By spreading what our individual councils do, we can attract
men to help aid us in serving the Church as the strong right arm we are.

Vivat Jesus!

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