State Deputy’s Quarterly Message

 From the Desk of

State Deputy

Paul Niedbalski


March 21st

2nd Update

on Virus From Our State Deputy


Worthy Brothers, 

We must continue to maintain our fundraising events.  Trying to play catch-up will be next to impossibl both on a council level and state level.


1) Catholic Schools Dinner - Even though it has been cancelled for April 26th, we must be prepared to honor our commitment as a major sponsor.   The Catholic school system may choose to reschedule at  later date.  Please send at least an amount equal to 2019 donation if not a little more.  If your council is part of a parish that has a Catholic School and you have not made a contribution in the past.   PLEASE DO IT THIS YEAR


2) WVU Raffle  - These tickets were normally handed out at the State convention.  Our Warden,  will be forwarding a supply of tickets to either a council directly or though a District Deputy.  Our goal is for each council to sell 50 tickets.  This is not unreasonable.  Remember,a council receive $ 1.25 for each ticket sold.  Contact Brian Gordon with an questions.  **** this raffle was put into place to keep State per capita in check ****


3) Football Frenzy - We will continue this program.  Tickets will be distributed at ORG Meeting in July.


4)Seminarian Support Raffle  -  What greater program is the support our future priests..  Normally the sale of these ends at the State convention, however because of current virus situation,  I am extending the sale deadline to June 30th and the drawing also will be also held at the ORG Meeting.

 Be safe, Vivat Jesus

Pau Niedbalski State Deputy


Update on Virus From Our State Deputy


Worthy Brothers,

We are all going thru trying times to say the least.  Some of this data has been sent before but just in case, here is what I know through today, Saturday.  In addition, I will send out updates every Wednesday and each weekend until this crisis is over.  If anyone has questions please direct them to me as Supreme will be using the State Deputies to  relay information.  This will avoid any false rumors.

1) Our state convention is cancelled along with every other state convention.  This was by done by Supreme Council directive.

2) State Secretary, Frank Koenig  has cancelled all room reservations at the Hampton Inn in Elkins. If you want to feel comfortable, contact the hotel to verify your room is cancelled.  If you made plans at any other hotel, You must cancel them yourself.

3) Supreme Council  is working on a computer app that will allow a virtual meeting in our State.  That date will be Saturday May 16th.  This will allow us to conduct  the basic business that is required..elections etc. Please reserve Saturday morning and Saturday afternoon if needed.  Details will forwarded as soon as I  receive them.

4) Annual awards will be announced at the Organizational meeting,  July 11th & 12th in Charleston WV.  In order to have additional time for submission, I am, today, again changing the date to June 16th. Hopefully we will be able to resume normal meetings across the state by then and the proper paperwork can be submitted per our resolutions.

5)The Catholic Schools dinner has been cancelled.  I will be directing or chairman, Anthony Paletta,  to extend the submission date. to April 30tt to allow students additional time to complete the application due to this virus.

6) All reports that would have normally been presented at the annual convention.  still must be prepared and be in my hands by May 15th'.

7) Continue to provide names for our necrology list.  This list should be sent to our State Secretary by June 30th and will be read at Mass during our ORG Meeting.

8) If anyone has a resolution or change to a resolution,  please send to the State Secretary and State Advocate by April 16th.  Any resolution /changes referring to the changes in our ceremonials will be done by Scott Nale.

9) If anyone knows of a Brother Knight that does not have access to electronic media, please share any of my correspondence with them,  I will be contacting each GK within the next 2 days by telephone and informing them of what is taking place along with then sending a copy of this email,  if possible, to each one

10) My next meeting with Supreme is Tuesday evening and I will be sharing any update with everyone on Wednesday.

BE SAFE,  Vivat Jesus

Paul Niedbalski, Stae Deputy

Letter from Supreme HERE