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State Deputy’s Quarterly Message

 From the Desk of

State Deputy

Mike Stanger 

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"Know Them By Their Works"

Worthy Brother Knights,


As we start a new Fraternal Year, we look around the World, Country and State to see times of hunger, war, weather related emergencies and chaos in general.  What do we do about it?  First, we Pray to God that we have the strength and foresight to help out in these situations.  Pray for the Blessings God gives us to act positively and make a CHANGE.  We have the energy to get together in small or large groups to provide meals, clothing, wheelchairs, diapers, and all other material needs for the mass population.  This is where we MUST increase our time and talents with the Programs already established by the Knights of Columbus.   We are so Blessed to already have these Programs in place for us.  We must involve our brother Knights in these Programs.  How you say?  Just ask.  Ask for help to do our Fathers work and it will happen.  Lead by example and others will follow.  I ask, do we want to be champions with our work or are we satisfied to have mediocre success?  I know all of you want to be Champions, as do I.  We need to rally in our Parishes, Council homes, District Meetings and State Meetings.  First, you must be present.  Manage your time for these events and be successful.  The communication, which is the key to success, listening to others, especially those trained in their field.  Supreme travels long distances to come to our Org. Mtg., Mid-year Meeting and Convention to give us the latest information on all the Programs available.  Webinars are for all of us.  Supreme puts forth their time and talents to provide professional informative Webinars for us to learn.  When was the last Webinar you watched?


“Know them by their works” is a title of a book about the history of our organization.  It still works today.  Others see what great things we do for the needy and say, I want to be a part of that.  This is where new members come about.  Yes, we have to search for them but it is precious time we spend to get a positive result.  Our Knight of Columbus are getting older.  Look around you; most of us have gray hair or none at all.  We must get the youth of our Parishes more involved in Parish Ministries and of course the Knights of Columbus.  Look around at Mass and see some young Catholic Gentleman who could be a successful part of your Council.  It is easy.  Just ask them to Pray about it, ask again in a couple weeks and behold we have a strong new member that can make a difference in our Council.  I know we can do it.  Unity will make these charitable efforts possible. 

Thank you in advance for your Service.


Peace be with You,


Michael F. Stanger

WV State Deputy


Worthy Grand Knights.

I hope that your are sake.  please continue your precautions.

This is what is new.

1}Although our state convention is cancelled on-site this May in Elkins,  Supreme is REQUIRING a virtual convention.  This online or  telephone convention will be held on Saturday May 16th starting at 9 AM

2)Supreme is testing programs this week and will  inform us of which one to use next week.

3)The meeting will be basic. It will cover State officer reports,  State Officer elections, Supreme Convention delegates, and resolutions.  Other items normally taking place will be held until ORG meeting in July.

4)I have asked 3 Past State Deputies to act as an oversite committee to insure our convention and postponements are    correct. They are Scott Nale, Darrell Capral, and Dick Sepkowski

I will keep you updated as soon as I hear anything else

Paul Niedbalski  State Deputy

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