Scott K. Nale

Brothers all,


Please see the attached email from Supreme regarding food for the hungry.  Great job by Ned Sawyers and Kingwood to make our work a focus of Supreme.



Good Morning Brothers,


It's my pleasure to send you this email this morning and thank you all for your excellent hard work.  Yesterday afternoon West Virginia surged up the Order wide rankings, all because of your hard work.  We are the 13th overall jurisdiction and 5th in the US for our membership goal.  I have asked all of you to go out, make a difference and change the world and you are all doing a great job of this.  Thank you all for your hard work, please keep it and help me show the rest of the Order that we are an all star State!


If you need anything please let me or any of your State Officers or DD's know and we will help in any way we can.

List of world wide memberships 

Good Afternoon Brothers All,

Please review the attached letter regarding delegates and voting at the upcoming State Convention. 

Thanks, Vivat Jesu Scott K Nale


Good Afternoon Brothers All,


Please see the following information so that you may all review the most recent webinar provided by Supreme.  There is a lot of good information in here and it is on demand so you can review it when your schedule allows. 


Thanks, Vivat Jesu Scott K Nale


Cross Catholics  


You have seen my previous emails on this subject and I do encourage all of you to continue to participate and generate funding support for this awesome program.  As a reminder donations can be made at


Please continue to support this program so we can reach the next phase.


Also, please take a minute to visit and see our project featured on Supreme's main page.

Congratulations to Ned Sawyers and all the others who worked so hard to make this happen.

Vivat Jesu


Scott K Nale


Notice of Data Breach



Good Evening Brothers,                         3/9/2015


Please see that the following information is provided to all Financial Secretaries, Worthy Comptrollers, or whoever else it may be submitting this sort of information. 


Vivat Jesu,


Scott Nale

State Advocate


Many of you have received an email from an organization called the Urban Institute regarding IRS Forms 990, 990-EZ, or 990-N (e-Postcard), which you may have filed on behalf of your council or assembly. The various Forms 990 are Federal informational tax returns that must be filed annually with the IRS by tax exempt organizations. These forms, including the 990-N (e-Postcard), are public documents, which are released by the IRS annually.

The Urban Institute, through its National Center for Charitable Statistics, contracts with the IRS to administer the electronic filing of these forms by numerous tax exempt organizations, including thousands of Knights of Columbus councils and assemblies. The Urban Institute recently reported that a data breach occurred within its information system. Although the information reported by tax exempt organizations on their Forms 990 is not confidential, the breach may also have resulted in the disclosure of other information, such as passwords used to file Forms 990. The data breach does not involve any Knights of Columbus information systems.

It appears that the information that was compromised could enable the hackers to assume the identity of a tax exempt organization in order to submit phony Forms 990. Although filing a Form 990 cannot generate a tax refund, the filing of a false Form 990 could cause confusion and embarrassment for the organization. More importantly, the filer's own personal information may be vulnerable if he or she filed the form from a home computer, used a redundant password, etc.

The Urban Institute has developed a webpage with FAQs informing filers of the breach and providing recommendations for further protective action, including changing your password. Please take a look at your earliest convenience:

If you have ever used the Form 990 Online or e-Postcard filing systems on behalf of your council or assembly, perhaps you used the same password that you have used for access to your other devices or accounts. If so, you should change all your passwords immediately. Finally, you should beware of Phishing emails asking for additional information about you or your accounts.


John Marrella
Supreme Advocate