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State Chaplain’s Corner



           One day not long ago, I was sitting in a Starbucks catching up on emails, and overheard a conversation between two men.  It was a sales meeting.  They were talking about how it might be possible for them to reach more people.  They were excited about the possibilities of expanding their business.  They wanted to share the good news of Jesus Christ in any possible way they could imagine.  One told a story of how a little boy in their school prayed every day that his daddy might be saved, and the joy it brought when he eventually decided to join the church.  The other recounted how great the need was in his neighborhood for the good news and what might happen if some of the families from the poor side of town got to meet Jesus.  


          Obviously these fellows were not Cradle Catholics.  We do not use the language of “being saved” because we believe that Jesus has already saved every one of us.  Instead, we talk about cooperating with the grace of God that is given to us.  But that is all semantics!  What I recognized in their conversation though was that they were actively seeking ways to cooperate with God’s graces.  They saw some little gifts they had been given, and wanted to make them available to others.  They were genuinely interested in the well being of their neighbor.  Not just that they were warm and well fed and well educated, but they were concerned about their eternal salvation.  And that is good news!  


          This little encounter caused me to wonder what might happen if we might be that kind of engaged about our faith, our church, our schools, our charitable projects.  As faithful Knights, do we dare to share the joy of our faith?  (or even talk about it in public!)  Saint Paul tells us to “always be ready to give a reason for your hope.”  Jesus Christ is, of course, the reason for our hope.  He is the reason we are able to confidently face the past, present, and future.   He is the reason for our Charity, Fraternity, and Service.  He is the reason that we celebrate Christmas and provide food for the hungry and coats for the kids and scholarships for students and resources for Special Olympics and so much more.  May we never lose sight of the reason for our service!


            As we begin this new year, let’s set a goal to be present to our brothers in prayer each day.  There is at least one brother in your own council that you know is in need.  Ask Our Lady to intercede for him to her Son.  Each of us also knows a project in out council that is not doing as well as it has in the past.  Ask St. Joseph to guide the work of your brothers to greater success.  We all know a family who is struggling.  Ask your council to be Christ to them.  That is the heart of charity that is proclaimed in the gospel!




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