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WV Knights of Columbus

Prayer Chapel Update's



Please pray for the repose of Antoinette Marucci, the mother of Faithful Navigator Charles Campbell’s wife Carmella



Brothers, Sir Knight Joe Brant, of Council 12191 and Assembly 3214, passed away this morning. Please pray for his soul. 


Urgent Prayer Request


Monsignor Sam Sacus needs prayers for his brother Blaze who suffered a bad fall.    


Also for Himself so He can go take care of him. Blaze lives in New Jersey and needs Msgr's help.


Urgent Prayer Request


Brothers all,


    Beckley Council’s Grand Knight David Wynnn’s brother Jeff was critically injured in an ATV accident. Please keep Jeff, David and their entire family in your prayers.


Vivat Jesus!

Mike McDougle
WV State Deputy


Clarence “Buzz” Wheatley


resigned from the position of State Secretary for medical reasons, effective immediately.

Please keep Buzz and his family in your prayers as they move forward.


Urgent Prayer Request


Andy Bloom Deputy Grand Knight for Council11001 Romney WV was taken to the hospital suddenly last week. His diagnoses was not good, below is a report from his wife.


I brought Andy home Thursday evening and the news is not good - he is battling a progressive neuromuscular disease (further testing will be done over the next month to determine specifics but the end results are similar). He needs all the prayers he can get as do we, the family.

We are all in shock. Thank you in advance. Andy has asked me to let the knights know that he wants to remain a knight but will not be able to fulfill his obligations as a DGK. We are hoping he becomes stable enough to come home to WV for a visit but the best supportive care for him is here in NJ and Philly. You will all remain in our prayers.


Carole B

Attention Brother Knights:


         Sharon Reek the wife of Ivan Reek a Past State Deputy from California that was in my class of State Deputies has past away .Please keep Sharon Soul and all concerned in your prayers.



    Your Friend in Christ,

   Darrell Capral, P.S.D.

My Brother Knights:


     On Friday morning, 10 April 2015, our Council lost our beloved


Jim "Coach" Thompson.


 Jim was the head coach at Keyser High School for many years and had the respect and admiration of all his former students and players. 


Jim could brighten up a room by his presence and infectious laugh.  For many years he was our Tootsie Roll chairman and was responsible for thousands of dollars collected and donated to local agencies working with the intellectually challenged.


Please keep him and his lovely wife Georgia and his entire family in your prayers.  Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord.


Les Halapy

GK Assumption Council  #10545   Keyser WV

Please add my friend Richard Hamblin to your prayers
Br Herb Adrien #10011

Prayer Please


I have just received word that Cathie's brother in law Emery Suroski (unsure of spelling), a Brother Knight from Columbus, Ohio has been taken to the hospital for unknown reasons. Please forward this throughout the state. He is a very proud member of the Knights.

God bless,

Jason Stahl, DD#1

Brothers all,

    I often send prayer requests for other brother knights and family members. Today I ask for you prayers for my niece Jessica Dunbar. She has been ill and in the hospital and has had two operations in the past couple of weeks. She had another operation this morning and all went well. Her mother (my sister) is in from Florida to be with her. Please keep Jessie and our family in your prayers. We all know the power of prayer is an amazing thing! Thanks brothers, may God Bless each of you and your families. State Deputy Mike McDougle



   Thank you for the prayers for my niece! Unfortunately, she has gotten worse and needs surgery again tomorrow,  followed by several days in ICU and blood transfusions. I ask that you continue to pray for her.

God Bless! 

Mike McDougle

State Deputy.


**2nd Update Good News**

    I want to thank all you for your Prayers for my niece! They finally discovered the cause of her illness and performed a very invasive surgery and she is home now and recovering. As I mentioned before, the power of Prayer is pretty awesome! God Bless you all, and thanks again.

Mike McDougle
WV State Deputy


I would ask that prayers be offered for my daughter.

She has had problems with lumps on her breast for a couple years.

         Last week she had biopsy done and the results (her words) were "not good".

     She has to have surgery and will be having her consultation 4-15-2015.

Carie Helmick Walker is her name. She has 5 children and adopted another child.

Kids are 10yrs old 15 yr  old twin girls and sons 19,21,23.

          We don`t know exactly what`s going to be done until consult.


Keep her in your prayers



Harry Helmick

 Tom Pachuta PGK of Beckley Council 5657, passed away on Friday morning. 


Please Pray for him and his family, he will be buried tomorrow 8/4/2015

May lay in the arms of Our Lady  

Urgent Prayer Requests

 Tom Pachuta PGK of Beckley Council 5657, passed away on Friday morning. 


Please Pray for him and his family, he will be buried tomorrow 8/4/2015

May lay in the arms of Our Lady  

Death in family 

     Worthy State Deputy Jerry, I would like for you to have our web-site chairman place my Nephew's family on our prayer list if you could. My Nephew was only 41 years old and he passed away on Friday evening of a massive heart attack while hunting. Joe leaves behind 3 young children ages 7, 11 and 13 with one of the three is a special needs child. He will be at Carpenter and Ford funeral home on Merchant Street in Fairmont. The times are 1:00 to 9:00 on Monday with the funeral on Tuesday at 1:00 at the Funeral home. Please Pray for the Capral family for we need all the prayers we can get. This is the nephew and his family that Coletta and I go on vacation and every place together. Thanks P.S. I hope both you and Diana have a Merry Christmas.

     Your Friend in Christ,


Urgent Prayer Request



District Deputy

Sande "Bear" Genung's 

 Father possibly had a stroke this morning.


* Update*


My father's ct scan came back negative . So thankfully, it wasn't a stroke. He has been transferred to a hospital in Johnson City for further evaluation . Thank you for the prayers!


  Please keep the Genung Family in your prayers

Would you please Pray for My wife, Kathie Lamb She is going into the hospital on March 2, for a heart valve replacement. Thanks Brother Pat Lamb



   I just want to thank you for the prays for Kathie. She came thru her operation and it looks good for the future. If all goes well, she should be back to normal in about three months. Keep the prays coming for a speedy recovery. She will be in the hospital till Friday or  Saturday. Again, thank you very much 

Pat Alamo


Urgent Prayer for Parishioners at St John Parish in Benwood WV



Here is a new link for more updates and Donations

*Brother Loses House*


Brothers All Please pray for Michael Anders and Family. He is a 4th degree Knight at 10011 Counsel Our Lady of Grace Romney WV. Due to a house fire on 2/28/15 they Lost everything. No injuries Praise the Lord! More info at


 Thank You God Bless Brother Tom Eades


Update The Anders thank you for all your prayers

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