Brother Knights,

New Directory for 10.08.21

Tom Burke

Carmen Romano 


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News from Community  Chairmen
Mike Arndt


Urgent News from the desk of  Frank Koenig State Deputy 

Worthy State Program Directors/Chairmen and Financial Secretaries,
Attached is the formal letter, along with the agenda, inviting you to 
attend our 2021 WV-State Midyear meeting in Clarksburg on Dec 4. FYI, I previously sent to the Grand Knights and DDs. I am looking forward to seeing you at the meeting.
Vivat Jesu, Frank Koenig, State Deputy

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Brothers all,

      We are starting small with only 17 in attendance last Sunday. We had all the State Officers in attendance and I would like to thank them for their support.  I am including the meeting link below. Please join us and encourage others to join us.Thank you!


Vivat Jesus!


Sam Gross


K of C Virtual Rosary - Sunday 7:00pm EDT
Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone. Click on the link below. Please MUTE yourself once we begin the Rosary, Thank you.
We will mention our personal prayer intentions before we will meditate upon the Glorious Mysteries.

You can also dial in using your SmartPhone or Tablet.
(For supported devices, tap a one-touch number below to join instantly.)

United States: +1 (872) 240-3311
- One-touch: tel:+18722403311,,397192053#

Access Code: 397-192-053

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Worthy Grand Knights:


I am excited to introduce you and your council to the Box of Joy program, a fun and easy-to-run  project activity that enables us to bless impoverished children with a gift this Advent season- and is fully supported by Cross Catholic Outreach!  It also is one that fits nicely into our Faith in Action platform under “Community” or “Family” so I am hoping that your council can consider supporting it!


To get started, I am providing you with some important information that I think you and your members will find useful.


There are four attachments included with this email and please take a moment to review these- they provide lots of good info!   


In addition, this is how Cross Catholic encourages Knights of Columbus councils to activate the Box of Joy program

                 >Speak with your council’s pastor (or Catholic school principal).


                 >Assign a project leader within your council (Note- it won’t take a lot of his time).

                >Register using this link:

                >Order the boxes and supplies from Cross Catholic (everything is free)

                >Set a date to distribute the boxes following all Masses on a targeted weekend -and then set a date to collect them- usually 2 weeks later.

                >Collect the boxes and let Cross Catholic know when to pick up (everything is free- including all shipping).

Also, please use this link to view a short video when you have a moment. It does a nice job explaining the Box of Joy program.

Thanks, again, Worthy Grand Knight, for your consideration in launching this meaningful program, one that provides your council and your parish families with a wonderful opportunity to put their Faith into Action! And please let me know if you need additional information. Vivat Jesus! 



Scott K Nale, PSD

State Program Chair

Brothers all,

    May and October are known as the months of the Holy Rosary and Marian Devotion.  October is quickly approaching and I hope all your councils and assemblies are preparing Rosaries and other events to honor our Blessed Mother.In this spirit I have attached a document that outlines 5 reasons to pray the Rosary. This information can also be found at Please share this information with all councils and assemblies. Thank you!


Vivat Jesus!


Mike McDougle PSD, FDM

Marian Devotion Chairman

Vice Supreme Master - Fr. Sorin Province 

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Coats for Kids.jpg
Coats for Kids.JPG

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WV K of C 

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District Deputy 

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from the desk of  State Deputy West Virginia

  Knights of Columbus

Frank Koenig


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Worthy Brothers All,


 Many of you know me but several others may not, so let me take this opportunity introduce myself. I am Carmen Romano, the new WV State Warden. I am a member of Clarksburg Council No. 872 and Our Lady of Peace Assembly No. 1184. I have had the honor and privilege of serving in many capacities in the Knights of Columbus over the years, including Grand Knight, Faithful Navigator, Financial Secretary, Faithful Purser, District Deputy, State Retention Chairman, and Chairman for the Campaign for People with Intellectual Disabilities for the State. One of my primary responsibilities as State Warden is to manage and oversee the State's three main fundraising events, namely the WVU Football Season Tickets Raffle, the Football Frenzy Sweepstakes Fundraiser, and the Seminarian Support Fund Raffle. Following is a brief synopsis of each event.


WVU Football Season Tickets Raffle: We kick the Fraternal Year off with the WVU Football Season Tickets Raffle, which we are currently in the midst of. Two pairs of season tickets are given away for the home games. Raffle tickets may be obtained for a donation of $5.00 each. Councils receive $1.25 for each ticket sold. After any other expenses (e.g., cost of the tickets), the remaining proceeds go the the State's General Fund. The sellers of the winning tickets each receive $100.00. I urge all of you to encourage and promote this Raffle to help fund the State's expenses and prevent any increases in State per Capita. The drawing is held approximately two weeks before the first home game, which this year is with Long Island University on September 11, 2021. The drawing will be held during the State Officer's Monthly Meeting on Thursday, August 26, 2021. All Ticket Stubs must be received by me on or before Wednesday, August 25, 2021, so that they can be processed and included in the Drawing. Obviously, any Ticket Stubs that I receive after the Drawing cannot be included in the Drawing, so please ensure that you allow sufficient time for me to receive the stubs prior to the Drawing.


Football Frenzy Sweepstakes Fundraiser: The Football Frenzy Sweepstakes Fundraiser is conducted during the Fall and Winter months. I'm fairly certain that most of you are aware of how this fundraiser works since the State has been utilizing it for several years now. This fundraiser is based on pro football scores. Membership cards or "Tickets" cost $10.00 and are valid for the last 10 weeks of the pro football season from from November 7, 2021 to January 9, 2022. if you buy two tickets, you can get one free, which is redeemable online. $700.00 is given away each week for 10 weeks for total cash prizes in the amount of $7,000.00. The Tickets have 4 teams each week for 10 weeks and the 4 teams change weekly No two tickets have the same 4 teams on any given week. Team codes are listed on the back of the Ticket. Prizes are awarded weekly to the Ticket holders with the 4 teams that score the most or least number of points combined (i.e., "Highest 4-Team Totals" and "Lowest 4-Team Totals"). Winning Ticket numbers are posted weekly online and winners are notified by mail. Winners do not need to claim a prize. Prizes will be mailed automatically. It makes no difference whether a team wins or loses and no proceeds go to the NFL. The scores for the previous week's game will be used for teams that are not scheduled to play on any given week (i.e., bye weeks). Scores and winners will be posted weekly on Tuesdays following the dates on your Ticket starting Tuesday, November 9, 2021. Results can be checked online by going to and clicking on the Football Frenzy logo. Complete 2021 Football Frenzy Sweepstakes Fundraiser Instructions are attached. The Football Frenzy Sweepstakes Fundraiser Tickets, Instruction Letters, and Posters were provided to the District Deputies at the State Organizational Meeting July 10-11, 2021, for subsequent distribution to the Councils. All Ticket Stubs, Money, and Forms must be turned in by October 18, 2021. Checks should be made payable to your Local Council.  As many of you are aware, this is an excellent fundraiser for the State and your Local Council. The Council receive $3.00 back for each ticket sold. After that and other expenses (i.e., the cost of the Tickets and Prizes), the first $5,000.00 go to Catholic Education. After that, 60% of remaining proceeds go to the Scholarship Fund and 40% go to the General Fund.


Seminarian Support Fund Raffle:  The Seminarian Support Fund Raffle is conducted through the late winter/spring months and concludes with the drawing at the State Convention in May. Raffle tickets may be obtained for a donation of $5.00 each. All of the proceeds from this Fundraising Event, less expenses and prizes, go to support Seminarians. As indicated earlier, the winners for last year's event were drawn at the State Convention this past May. First Place wins $1,000.00, Second Place wins $500.00, and Third Place has three $100.00 winners. The sellers of the tickets for First and Second Place receive $100.00.


The Knights of Columbus, West Virginia State Council, Special Fund Raising Report should be used to report the results of all three Fundraising Events. A copy of the Special Fund Raising Report is attached to this e-mail and can be downloaded and printed for your use. The color-coded multi-page hardcopy is also available if you prefer to use it. If you need copies of this form, please let me know. Once you complete the form, you send a copy (original/white copy of the color/coded form) along with the check to the State Secretary (Mike Stanger - 995 Bowers Lane, Great Cacapon, WV 25422); a copy (second/yellow copy of the color-coded form) to the State Treasurer (Brian Gordon - 229 Marwin Drive, Wheeling, WV  26003); a copy (third/pink copy of the color-coded form) to me, the State Warden (Carmen R. Romano - 178 Scenic Hill Drive, Bridgeport, WV  26330), and you keep a copy (fourth/green copy of the color-coded form) for your Council records. Let me emphasize that you do not need to use the color-coded multi-page form. The color coding is for your convenience. You can simply print the attached form, complete it, copy it, and send a copy to the designated State Officers. Remember that the check must accompany the form to the State Secretary (Mike Stanger). At some point, I hope to have an interactive version of this form available on the State Website.


Finally, I ask that you strongly encourage and promote these Fundraising Events. They are vital to the successful operation of the WV State Council and will help to keep per Capita costs down.


If you have any questions or comments concerning these matters, or would like to discuss them further, please contact me at 304-276-1940 or via e-mail ( Vivat Jesus!


Fraternally Yours in Christ!


Carmen R. Romano

WV State Warden (e-mail)

Coats for Kids.jpg
Coats for Kids.JPG

Brothers All,

Following up regarding the Coats for Kids Program, as stated in the first email, the State must submit a program proposal to Supreme to participate in the BOGO program.  I am preparing this proposal and have heard from FIVE (5) councils, while I am only aware of SEVEN (7) councils who participated last year, and Thank you.  I am hoping we can have 12 Councils participate, even if a council can fundraise and purchase only 1 case of coats, it will become 2 *POOF* and twice as many kids will be warm this winter.   

We will be working with Catholic Charities throughout the state to distribute, along with organizations each council already supports, not looking to change who you are giving to, you know your communities.  Last year West Virginia Councils contributed close to 20% of ALL coats distributed throughout the Knights Coats for Kids program, and that was during the pandemic.  There is no doubt we can make a larger impact for those in need as "things" get back to normal.

The following information is needed from your council by September 15th.  You may respond to this email with the following information.


1.       Council Name and number. 

2.       Name of Coats for Kids Chairman, or GK, email and phone number

3.       The number of cases you can or will distribute.

4.       An estimate of gender and size needed.  If you have ordered in the past, please use that size and gender information as a guide.  Each case consists of 12 coats, all one gender, to a case, a variety of sizes and styles.

5. We will be ordering the Extreme Cold Weather Jackets, each case costs $237.38.  PAYMENT FROM THE COUNCILS MUST BE PROVIDED BEFORE YOUR ORDER WILL BE PLACED.

Councils please respond ASAP.

Vivat Jesus!!

Mike Arndt

WV State Council Community Chair



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Brother Knights,

New Directory for 7.13.2021

Tom Burke

Important Message from  the Mentally Handicapped Program (MHP)

I would like to take this opportunity as the State Chairman of the Columbia Mentally Handicapped Foundation of West Virginia, Inc., or the Mentally Handicapped Program (MHP) as most of us refer to it, and to provide you with the most current forms and information about the MHP.  To that end, please find the current forms and information for your use as follows:

1   MHP Fund Drive Report

  MHP Disbursement Request Form

3   MHP Tootsie Roll Order Form

4   MHP Grant Application

  MHP Grant Application Rules

Letter here

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Special Announcements  

A special Visit to us by Bishop Mark Brennan. Bishop Mark served Mass to us along with Fr. Mikee  Lecias our Pastor. Bishop Mark Brennan pictured with some of the Knights Of Columbus Council 12191, Berkeley  Springs WV.

Leap for Hunger

at Our Lady of Peace Council

made over 78,000 meals

Leap for Hunger.jpg


Fr Mike Lecias new  Chaplin of 

Council 12191 Berkeley Springs WV

Father Mikee makes 4th degree and Solomon Wolfe with 3 generations of 4th degree at Clarksburg 4th Degree Exemplification

Council 12191 @ store doing Tootsie Roll Drive for intellectual disabled.🙏


$980.00 dollar Donation to Autism Classes, Jefferson County Schools. Raised through the Tootsie Roll Project.

Council 13887.   Shepherdstown


Knights Member-ship Incentives