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from the desk of  the State Deputy of  Knights of Columbus West Virginia

Paul B. Niedbalski

Online Exemplification of the Fourth Degree on Saturday, June 27th at 1:00 PM EDT. Contact District Master Michael McDougle for more information.

Worthy Brother Knights, 

There have been a few emails that have lead to some confusion about the State Awards.  Please use this email for clarification on all issues.  



For the Faith, Community, Family, and Life awards please use the attached form and the supporting information.


For the Knight, Priest and Family of the year, the format would be to write up why they are being nominated and send it to the appropriate chairman.




Scott K Nale IPSD

State Program Director

Worthy District Deputies and STATE CHAIRMAN:

FYI, I sent out a letter to all GRAND KNIGHTS/COUNCILS in the State, as you know our annual on-site 2020 State Convention has been cancelled. 

We are currently working with our Supreme office to 
organize our virtual convention. It will be conducted by phone with 
only voting delegates, i.e. State Officers and 2-delegates per 
Council.  Thus, my letter and the request for each Council to provide delegate information. The minutes and reports from the convention will be made available to all. As stated in my letter, it is limited to only the aforementioned delegate.  Thanks for your understanding and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me. 


DDs and Brothers, I would appreciate your assistance in making sure your Council and all in your District respond.


Hope you are all doing well and Staying safe,  Vivat Jesus, Frank Koenig, WV-State Secretary

Supreme Knight Memo RE Coronavirus.JPG

Important Message from  the Mentally Handicapped Program (MHP)

I would like to take this opportunity as the State Chairman of the Columbia Mentally Handicapped Foundation of West Virginia, Inc., or the Mentally Handicapped Program (MHP) as most of us refer to it, and to provide you with the most current forms and information about the MHP.  To that end, please find the current forms and information for your use as follows:

1   MHP Fund Drive Report

  MHP Disbursement Request Form

3   MHP Tootsie Roll Order Form

4   MHP Grant Application

  MHP Grant Application Rules

Letter here

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from the desk of  State Deputy

West Virginia

 Knights of Columbus

Paul B. Niedbalski

Good Day Brothers All,

Special Announcements  

Leap for Hunger

at Our Lady of Peace Council

made over 78,000 meals



Fr Mike Lecias new  Chaplin of 

Council 12191 Berkeley Springs WV

Father Mikee makes 4th degree and Solomon Wolfe with 3 generations of 4th degree at Clarksburg 4th Degree Exemplification

Council 12191 @ store doing Tootsie Roll Drive for intellectual disabled.🙏

$980.00 dollar Donation to Autism Classes, Jefferson County Schools. Raised through the Tootsie Roll Project.

Council 13887.   Shepherdstown

Knights Member-ship Incentives

Silver Rose at St Vincent DePaul going to MD today. Deacon Nelson and Wife Karen took Silver Rose all thru West Virginia for 3 weeks to Knights of Columbus Parishes and Councels

Brother Knights

Thanks for your voice. Here is a link to the audio recordings that you participated in at the WV State Convention.

Station ids and prayers are currently being periodically broadcast on LoL Radio stations and on the LoL Radio stream 

as well as on affiliate WHMG LPFM 98.7 in Purgitsville.

In addition, your voice recordings of "Why Are You A Knight of Columbus" will be included in a series to be on-the-air in the future. 

LoL Radio is also looking for other Brother Knights to audio record for the series as well. I'm sure this will assist with KofC recruitment efforts.

This series will also be made available to other Catholic radio affiliates throughout WV.

And if you would want an announcement of any of your Council events to be broadcast, just email the details to me.

Praise the Lord!

Good Morning Brothers,


Thanks to everyone that came to help with the March for Life.  To a man everyone told me that it was an excellent experience.  The following is a thank you email received from Supreme for our help.


Worthy Brothers,

I just wanted to send a huge THANK YOU for your dedicated service to the Order and the pro-life movement last Friday at the March for Life.
With your help we made thousands of people warmer and happier by passing out ~10,000 signs, 4,000 bags, 3,500 hats, and 1,500 pairs of gloves. There are also lots of photos online - even from mainstream news - showing our signs and blue hats. You promoted the Order well.
So many people came up to me, other staff, and volunteers, saying thank you for our work.

I hope to see you again next year, at least to say hi. If you can, bring another member of your council along to ease the load!

You have my contact information, so if you need anything from me or Supreme be sure to email or call.

Thanks again!

Drew Dillingham
Manager, Life Programs



Scott K Nale

March for Life 

Letter from Supreme

Today began a new journey on the Knights of Columbus’ goal to reach 2,000 ultrasound machines with the installation of #1,001 in Steubenville, OH. Thank you to council 3734 for their great contribution towards saving potentially hundreds or thousands of lives, and to all the other Councils that participated.


Please find your most recent Star Tracker.  Everyone please take a look at your Council and make sure this is what you are expecting to see.  If not, please let me know ASAP so we can get things resolved.  


We are coming down to the wire so please push hard to bring in the last few potentials I know you all have.  There is still time to prove that your Council is Star and our Brother Field Agents are ready to help you in this, please reach out to them and support them as they do you.  


It's also time to fill our your Columbian Award application.  I've attached a copy for your use, so please start filling this out if you have not yet done so.  If you have programs that you haven't completed yet, it is acceptable to still put them on the form and send it in. 




Every time the Pittsburgh Pirates' Trevor Williams pitches, he prays "Jesus, I trust in you." Check out this inspiring video as MLB pitchers and catchers report for spring training.



My name is Ellen Leroy. I am the Office Manager and Farm Outreach coordinator for Eden Farms at the Pastoral Center in Huttonsville. We are looking to work with as many of the councils from around the state as possible to get our produce to Catholic Charities around the state. This year our major crops are sweet corn and potatoes. We are hoping to have some folks come out and help our farmer especially with planting of the potatoes. He is hoping to do this early April. He is also looking for help in harvesting both corn and potatoes in September to early and mid October. 


Our goal is donate 85% of all of our yield to Catholic Charities and other food banks in the state. Our hope is to not only fill our local food banks but those around the state. We will only be able to do this with the help of the Knights of Columbus. We are hoping to have groups arrive in September through October and whatever they are able to harvest they can take back to their local food banks. These trips could either be a single work day or we can work to make a retreat out of them and do a weekend event. 


We are excited at the prospect of working with you all. Please feel free to give me a call or an email with any thoughts or questions you might have, also feel free to spread the word to anyone else who would be interested in helping us with our cause. 

The world needs Knights now more than ever. Check out the latest Knightline for tips on putting your faith in action and welcoming new Knights:

In the event you have not already, please see the following message from our State Catholic Schools Chairman. I would follow up his request that each Council consider making a donation to this annual event.  As the Knights of Columbus, we have have supported this dinner since it's inception 25 years ago.  The announcements regarding this years winners will soon be made, but I will share some inside news.  This year the Knights of Columbus will receive the Bishops Cross for our years of service to Catholic Schools in West Virginia.  Regarding this news, please carefully consider your local part to continue this beneficial association.  


Vivat Jesu Scott K Nale

State Deputy of West Virginia



         I am compiling information on which councils are supporting our diocesan seminarians.

This is to ensure that all of our seminarians are being supported and to provide an avenue for you to obtain contact information that sometimes can be difficult to get. Please review the attached spreadsheet and advise me which seminarian your council supported in fraternal year 2017/2018 and if you will continue this coming year.

Also, if you need another seminarian to support, I can give you options for your decision. 

We all like to start with a new seminarian and follow him through to ordination.  It is always fun to attend his ordination and celebrate with him on the big day.  Don't forget the RSVP Program which refunds the council $100 for each $500 given to the future priest.  Our council usually gives that to the seminarian which makes a total of $600 for the year.

Thanks for all you do.  Helgi



Deacon Helgi Nelson

66 Rabbit Trail.

Berkeley Springs, WV 25411


Attached please find updated information on the Faith in Action program as well as the award application document.   Please review how your Council is positioned to win the Columbian award in June and make any necessary changes.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

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